Shameless Plugs!


Completely Oblivious, the Band has a love for all things music! They love to
make music, help other musicians keep playing music and do what ever they
can to keep music heard live!

Pointless Picks!

Pointless Picks

Founding band member Doug Larsen is the brains behind Pointless PicksĀ®! His design has won "Best In Show" at summer NAMM '08, Nashville! This revolutionary round guitar pick has been a hit to new and seasoned guitar players along with lap dulcimer players!

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The Kettle Coffee House

The Kettle Coffeehouse

Completely Oblivious, the Band is more than just a group of musicians! They work very hard "Keeping Live Music Alive!" Three of the band members are producers for The Kettle Coffee House, concert series! The Kettle hosts a melting pot of music grenres, producing concerts with local and national musicians! Visit to find out more!