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Band Bios!
Band Members:
  •Doug Larsen •Jim Roche •Bev Larsen •Matt Dinan
Band Info:
  An Alternative to Classic Rock

Completely Oblivious the Band
, from south east MI, concentrates on original music developed by three strong singer/songwriters. Their combined approach of songwriting styles and harmonizing vocals has yielded an eclectic collection of original songs guaranteed to move your feet and mind. Also, fair game are some outside of the box covers by bands such as Wilco, Old Crow Medicine Show, Morcheeba, etc... Completely Oblivious,' flexible sound crosses over genres from folk, country, and alternative rock. A guarantee that no two songs sound alike!

Who Does What:

Doug Larsen:   (guitars, other stuff & vocals) In addition to his ever experimenting guitar sounds Doug contributes songs that are melodically strong, laced with double meanings and intended to make a difference. His musical education was provided by the likes of Steve Earle, Bob Dylan & Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.
Bev Larsen:   (bass & acoustic guitar & vocals) Her driving bass lines and soothing vocals aside, Bev contributes very personal songs about people and events that have touched the life around her. She has been compared to Dido, Sarah MacLachlin, Jewel.
Jim Roche:   (guitars& vocals) Besides playing some mean guitar and harmonizing vocals Jim's writing style has a Beatle-esque melodic style and he often writes about everyday events with a humorous spin. His songs have great hooks and sing along choruses!
Matt Dinan:   (drums)One of the best drummers this side the Mississippi! Matt has been playing drums and in bands since his college years and even before that. He is a great veteran Detroit drummer!